Inner Arts
Inner Arts

Inner Arts

A tribe of hearts connected through embodied Art



We invite YOU, our earth kin, to be a part of a growing community of people connected through their hearts to a life of art. All ages, all countries, all people who commit to walking each day with awareness & kindness for one another. This is how we describe all of you who we have met all around the world the past decade. The best part of any gathering has always been the incredible people to share it with. Those people are YOU. Thanks for being here, thank you for wanting more Art in the world, and thank you for being willing to grow together! Let's discover the infinite potential of how profound Art with Intention can change our personal lives, and in turn change the world! 

About us...

Eve & Yaegon have been creating intentional Art together for over a decade, and individually for lifetimes. They have traveled the globe offering mythical journeys that merge intention, prayer, music & theatre.

Music, Mythos, as One.

 It's their souls song to invite you into a realm of inspiration while they give a voice to the inner workings of where, what, & how they create.
This community a place to find creative inspiration, creative empowerment, and embodied knowledge about living a life as Art, through Art.

This is a place for lovers of Kalya Scintilla, Evoke (eve olution), Merkaba, Evokation, Sonic Samadhi and Griffin Kloud. A place for lovers of Art, health, music, story, production, movement, & art of all disciplines. If you want to live a creatively empowered existence, welcome to the Tribe!

Welcome to Inner Arts.
Are you ready to Enter the Temple?

Offerings to the Tribe

Here's what to expect... 


                        - Access to live chats or live online events about Our Art                            - Creative lifestyle advice and ideas
- Holistic Integrated Practices for Health & Well Being thru Art


- Pre-release music and video
- Music creation in the studio
- Music Production in the DAW
- Creative Lifestyle Hacks to induce Creativity
- Musical Inspiration

Deep Gratitude

An eternal thank you to all the beautiful souls that have been touched by our Art across the globe to let go, listen deeply, and receive from the heart.